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"Dietary surveys not more than clinical data allow to evaluate precisely vitamin status in humans" WHO 1976. Assessing the vitamin status of a subject means taking into account the vitamin stores and the balance between intakes on the one hand and the metabolic consumption and losses on the other hand. Metabolic disorders always precede clinical expression when a deficiency arises. Biological measurements should allow detection of "pre-deficient" states i.e. before clinical any clinical disorder occurs in this respect current methods still lack sensitivity.

On these bases, nutrition-specialized biologists and physicians decided to form a reflection group on current vitamin knowledge and how to develop vitamin-oriented research. The French Society for Vitamins and Biofactors was founded on October, 22nd, 1998. It is a non-profit association, and its rules have been published in the Official Journal of the French Republic (J.O. n░ 1274, June, 6th, 1999)

The aims of the French Society for Vitamins and Biofactors  are:
- To establish networks between epidemiology, medicine and fundamental sciences
- To participate in production and diffusion of information concerning vitamins


Pr J.-L. Gueant

E.P. CNRS 616 Nancy

Deputy chairman

Dr G. Le Moel

AP-HP H˘pital Bichat


Dr B. Herbeth



Dr A. Dauvergne

H˘pital Beaujon AP-HP

French Society for Vitamins and Biofactors
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